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About stainless steel cookware set
About stainless steel cookware set

With the improvement of people's life quality, the stainless steel cookware set has been applied to almost everyone's family. But how much do you know about stainless steel cookware? Then, today the editor is going to introduce some knowledge about stainless steel pots and pans.

Because there are some Chromium alloying elements in the steel, which can form a strong oxide film (passivation film) on the surface of the steel, the metal is separated from the outside material and makes no chemical reaction with them. This type of steel has the major Cr besides and contains other alloying element, such as Ni, which makes it possess good chemical stability in the air, water, or steam. And it also can keep stable in many kinds of liquid of acid, alkali, and salt, even it can keep the corrosion resistance in the circumstance of high or low temperature.

The features of the cookware

Stainless steel has not only powerful chemical stability but also possesses enough intensity and plasticity. And it also keeps the stable mechanical property in the high or low temperature. Some grades of these steels may also be used as heat resistant steels (including austenitic, ferric, martensite, and precipitating-hardened types); Some can be used as high-quality low-temperature steel, and its corrosion resistance is still good in the process of use. As stainless steel has the above unique performance, it is not difficult to imagine its position in the national economy. Especially with the development of high technology, stainless steel is widely used in various fields. It can be used as the materials of the chemical industry, oil refining industry, man-made fiber industry, food, medicine, and commodity industry of acid, alkali, high-pressure resistance of pressure vessels, and storage and operation of the tank; It can also be used as high temperature and low-temperature resistant components in the power industry, steam turbine manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, and aviation industry. In the aerospace industry and the nuclear industry, it is also the indispensable materials of manufacturing artificial satellites, spaceships, rockets, and nuclear power devices, and so on; With the increasing development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, stainless steel products for daily use have been deeply into thousands of households.

The categories of stainless steel

Ordinary classification

  1. The steel that can resist the corrosion in the air and weak medium is called stainless steel, which is also the ordinary stainless steel; the stainless steel is not necessarily corrosion-resistant, but the stainless steel with corrosion resistance must not be rusty.
  2. The steel that can resist corrosion in the highly corrosive medium is called corrosion-resistant steel and is correctly called stainless steel.

Chemical classification

  1. Chrome base stainless steel
  2. Iron base stainless steel
  3. Molybdenum base stainless steel

Level classification

  1. Common
  2. Special grade

The usage of the saucepot

The saucepot can be divided into the iron pot, aluminum pot, earthen pot, non-stick pan, and stainless steel pot according to its materials. The different types of pot can be used according to the food type we cook. We also need to pay attention to the washing and maintenance of pots. Otherwise, the pot lifespan will decrease quickly.

Before you start to use a stainless steel cookware set, focus on the instruction of it. Otherwise, you may wrongly use the cookware stainless steel.