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How to use and maintain the surgical steel cookware
How to use and maintain the surgical steel cookware

Does the new surgical steel cookware we just bought have any stress for using? Yes, it has. No matter what kind of pot we buy, it is not just flushed with water and then used to cook. It must experience a procedure of maintenance that can make it durable and polished.

The practice of using the new saucepan

  1. Check whether there are labels inside or outside the pot. If there are, rip down the label from the pot. Some labels are hard to rip down because they are tightly sticking. Then you can drip several drops of Fengyoujing. After the label absorbs the Fengyoujing, it is easy to rip down.
  2. Drip a few drops of cleanser essence (public brand is ok), and wipe the pot outside and in by duster cloth.
  3. The cup of the pot should also be wept.
  4. Don't forget to wipe the bottom of the pot.
  5. Flush with water (must flush for thoroughly cleaning it).
  6. Pour boiled water and little white vinegar into the pot, and shake the pot so that the vinegar can clean everywhere inside the pot.
  7. Wipe the pot dry with absorbent paper.
  8. Cook the food you want in the pot at ease.


  1. As for any all stainless steel pot, don't use the chemical agent of strong basicity or strong oxidizing property, such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc., to wash stainless steel pot, for not making corrosion to products. Don't use excessive fire to heat (the excessive fire may cause the pot to fade).
  2. Stainless steel pot contains chromium and nickel. These two elements can undergo and not be rusty in the temperature of less than 400℃ and the environment of no strong acid and no strong basicity. But it will make a chemical reaction if it contacts the food of acid or basicity for a long time. Therefore, it's not suitable for containing salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup for a long time. And the pot can not boil water.

Appliance and maintenance

  1. Cooking through small and medium fire: the bottom of the pot is applied to the compound materials of steel, Aluminum, and steel, which quickly soaks heat and transfers heat uniformly. Generally, it's enough for the medium fire to satisfy the needs for energy, not necessary to use big fire. The benefits of using small and medium fire are saving energy and not easy for the pot to turn yellow or black.
  2. Generally, the cold pot and oil are used for dishes. That means to put vegetables into the cold pot, pour the edible oil, put the cover on the pot, and open the stove with small and medium fire. By the time the steam emerged from the brim of the pot cap, you can put the flavor into the pot and stir, which can not break the vitamins in the food.
  3. For frying until fragrant with shallot, ginger, or garlic, you can adopt the way of heating oil and dishes. It needs little water if it's soybean, then wait for the steam to appear and boil for a while with a small fire.
  4. When frying food to reach the effect of not sticking the bottom of the pot, heat the empty pot until it can not soak a little drip, then wipe the water dry and pour oil into the pot. Or pour oil into the pot with medium fire, then wait for nubbly oil lines to emerge, which means it reaches the required temperature of the oil. At that time, putting into the food to fry can reach the effect of not sticking. When you need to turn around the dish, try slightly pushing the food by your turner. If you can push the dish, fry its other side. And if you can not push the dish, it needs to be fried for a while and then turned around. It ensures the food can not stick to the pot, and the food can keep its original shape.
  5. Don't put salt into an empty pot to heat and directly put salt into cold water. Not fully dissolved salt gathering at the bottom of the pot will result in corrosion and creating small white spots in the pot. The right method is to uniformly put salt before the dish is out of the pot. It can not only protect the pot from damage but also keep the iodine ingredients in the salt.

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