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Rolled Rim Cookware

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Rolling rims are a sign that a copper saucepan is thin. A rolled edge is a method to strengthen the copper pan's lip with a loop of stronger material. Coppersmith wraps a steel or iron wire around the pot's upper rim. Then, he curls the copper around it and then tucks the edges underneath so that you don't see the inner reinforcement ring. The added tensile strength of the ring keeps the pan's rim from bending or breaking under stress. This is all about rolled rims. Spins these pans and attaches an iron ring to it while it's still mounted on a lathe. Below is the screen grab of the step in which the craftsman is shaping the ring's rim. He holds the iron rings in place with his left and hammers the edges of the rim with the right. One area of the copper is beginning to curve around the ring.
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